Q10 Synergy


Advanced cardiovascular and energy metabolism support

An active lifestyle requires a regular intake of coenzyme Q10 to keep the body and mind functioning efficiently and healthily. This formulation presents natural, bioactive ubiquinone, optimised by synergistic ingredients to provide high-performance support to cardiovascular health and ATP production. Lingonberry and pine bark, indigenous to Nordic forests, form a hormetic base blend, boosted in nutritional complexity by the citrus bioflavonoids of PureWay-C®. Vitamin C provides oxidative stress protection and healthy energy metabolism, while MCTs (medium-chain-triglycerides) and black pepper help to optimise the bioavailability of the coenzyme Q10.



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60 vegetarian capsules


Additive and filler free, vegan


Our formulator’s comments:

Mitochondria, the ‘power supply’ of cells, require a steady supply of coenzyme Q10. Utilising high-quality, naturally sourced Co-Q10 alongside polyphenol-rich botanicals and high-performance PureWay-C™, this formulation offers exceptional synergistic support to cardiovascular health and energy metabolism.

When should you use our Q10 Synergy?

  • If you feel tired, exhausted and stressed.
  • When you are over 25 years old. This is generally when the body’s own ubiquinone production starts to gradually slow down.
  • If you want to look after your cardiovascular health, that is, your heart and veins.
  • To support your energy production if you are active and athletic.
  • If you use statins. Statins are known to decrease the body’s normal ability to produce Q10.

What makes our Q10 Synergy so unique?

  • Coenzyme Q10 (natural form ubiquinone) supports ATP synthesis by helping to optimize cellular energy output within the cardiovascular system.
  • PureWay-C® is clinically proven in all comparative research studies to be more rapidly absorbed and retained by the body when compared to more traditional forms of vitamin C. The citrus bioflavonoids and fatty acids being key contributors to the overall performance.
  • MCT’s provide the perfect support by aiding coenzyme Q10 absorption.
  • Piperine, the major bioactive component of black pepper, enhances the uptake of Q10; it can increase blood plasma levels by up to 30 %.
  • Lingonberry and pine bark contain a lot of beneficial polyphenols.
  • Courtesy of the high bioavailability of Q10 Synergy, a daily dose of 30 mg ubiquinone is optimal for typical needs. However, when a greater dose is required, simply increase the daily amount to 2-3 capsules.

PureWay-C® and PureWay-C® logo are marks of One Innovation Labs, LLC. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Key botanicals found in Q10 Synergy

Pine Bark

(Pinus massoniana)

Pine bark provides potent antioxidant support due to its high concentration of polyphenolic compounds, such as proanthocyanidins, catechins, and phenolic acids. Pine trees have a long history of therapeutic usage throughout history. Tea made from pine needles and bark is known to have saved the lives of many scurvy-ridden sailors during the 15th century.

Lingonberry Fruit

(Vaccinium vitis-idaeae)

Lingonberry is one of a selection of 'wild arctic berries' that are extremely popular in Nordic cuisine, providing the population with a naturally rich source of cell-protective phytonutrients.

Black pepper

(Latin name)

Description required.

Additional product highlights

  • The botanical ingredients contain an abundance of beneficial polyphenols
  • Suitable for vegans
  • 100 % free from additives and fillers
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Free from gluten, wheat, milk, soy or yeast
  • You can easily open the capsule and mix the contents with your favorite cold drink


1 – 3 capsules daily (or as directed) at mealtime. We recommend you take ubiquinone in the morning.

Do not exceed the recommended intake. Food supplements should not be used to substitute a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor or health professional to ensure the product is suitable for you. Store in a cool and dry place out of reach of children.


One (1) vegetarian capsule provides:

    % NRV*
NORDIQ Hormetic blend
190 mg  
Lingonberry fruit 165 mg
Pine bark extract (95 % OPC) 25 mg
MCT (medium chain triglycerides) 75 mg
Vegetable cellulose capsule 100 mg
PureWay-C® (90 % vitamin C, 10 % lipids and citrus bioflavonoids) 75 mg 85
Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) 30 mg
Black pepper extract (95 % piperine) 5 mg
Organic and fresh freeze-dried botanicals are selected when available.

*Nutrient Reference Value



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