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At NORDIQ Nutrition® we have dedicated teams of likeminded individuals devoted to producing 100% effective food supplements for life and living. Our formulators call upon the latest scientific research, as well as years of botanical knowledge to create our award-winning lifestyle support products. Created in 2017, NORDIQ Nutrition® has offices across the Nordics and now the UK.

As a brand we work collectively as one, utilising the expertise from each of our regional support offices. Our UK team consists of highly experienced nutritionists, product support specialists, sales and marketing professionals, alongside the very best in customer care agents.

At NORDIQ Nutrition® we want to keep at the forefront of nutritional health so we are constantly developing and honing our expertise. When it comes to delivering the absolute best we are far from standing still.

Formulation team

We boast a dynamic panel of experts, including nutritionists, scientists, and health professionals, devoted to producing the ultimate in next-generation food supplements. By collating our wealth of expertise, we continue to create new and exciting, market-leading lifestyle support products. We believe our pioneering approach to science-led formulating keeps NORDIQ Nutrition® at the cutting edge of nutritional innovation.

Alex Kirchin MSc Performance Nutritionist

With over 20 years of experience working as technical director for prestigious global food supplement companies, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the NORDIQ Nutrition® formulation team.

Early in his career, Alex worked as a professional chef, where he developed his passion for vegetarian food, nutrition, and general healthy living. After graduating from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, Alex completed a Master’s degree in nutritional medicine at Surrey University before studying herbal medicine at The University of Westminster. Through his academic research, Alex developed a keen interest in plant chemistry, particularly the study of mitochondrial function and how specific nutrients and botanicals support our health and vitality. An investigation into performance optimisation through high-level nutrition pursued; a body of work that prompted him to adapt his core principles to include the emerging field of hormesis.

As one of the leading experts in nutritional and herbal medicine, Alex is an integral member of our formulation design panel. His product blueprint underpins our design and development, helping us create high-quality supplements inspired by synergy, complexity, and hormesis.

"In developing our premium quality nutritional supplements, I try to push the boundaries of what's possible, combining nature's complexity with advancements in nutritional science."

Alex Kirchin MSc


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