At NORDIQ Nutrition® we apply the principles of hormetic science to our multi-nutrient and botanical formulations. By selecting some of nature’s most phytonutrient-rich organic botanicals and whole foods, we have developed the ‘NORDIQ Hormetic blend’; a synergistic combination of ingredients that promotes health and vitality through cellular enhancement.

Simply put, hormesis is a calculated dose of internal (or external) stimuli that activates a positive response within the body. By switching on/ tuning up our built-in mechanisms, our body works more effectively to detoxify, energise and protect itself, boosting our all-round health in the process. We can stimulate a Hormetic response by exercising hard, testing our cognition, consuming a phytonutrient-rich diet and through specific food supplement support to name but a few. However, an interesting example is the Nordic tradition of ice bathing, where our exposure to extremely cold water triggers a multitude of health benefitting systems, including immune response.

Research suggests that there are thousands of Hormetic compounds to be found in food. Known as ‘nutritional dark matter’, these compounds that are rich in their phytonutrient complexity carry huge potential for health at cellular level.

At NORDIQ Nutrition® we believe a healthy cell makes a healthy you.

Mild cellular stressors


Putting our body through physical stress, whether it be a training or sporting activity.


Testing our problem solving capabilities using the higher-level functions of the brain.


Partaking in a diet that is rich in nutritious plant-based food compounds.


Complement a healthy diet with an intake of polyphenol-rich food supplements

Hormetic benefits

Cognitive function

Improved brain performance and thinking clarity

Cardiovascular health

Sustained heart and blood vessel health.

Aerobic strength

Enhanced endurance, strength and  performance.

Immune defense

Optimised immune system response .

Hormetic zone


At NORDIQ Nutrition® we believe in the ‘right-dose’ approach when it comes to food supplementation. Based on the principles of Hormetic Science, we bypass the notion that high-dosage equates to high efficacy, we take a more of modern, calculated approach when it comes to delivering our ingredient levels.

It is understood that the beneficial response from taking food supplements does not plot a straight line that increases with the dosage, but a curve which peaks and tails off as the dosage surpasses a certain level. This is  why the ‘Hormetic Zone’, the levels at which we achieve a positive response is so important to our formulators. By taking this approach, we believe our high-quality botanical, vitamin and mineral combinations provide the ultimate in systemic support, while keeping NORDIQ Nutrition® at the forefront of science-led nutritional health.

The Hormetic Zone

Botanicals and hormesis


When it comes to selecting botanicals, we at call upon a vast nutritional knowledge and expertise to deliver products that offer the very in best in health benefiting results. We believe it is our detailed understanding of every aspect of the botanical that sets us apart from the rest. However, it is the botanical stimuli i.e. polyphenols that if we’re pushed, excites us the most. Take the beautiful vibrant red of the lingonberry. The colour pigment in this indigenous Nordic berry is there because of its extremely rich polyphenol profile. Typically in the Nordics, our diet is interspersed with wild, even foraged fruit and vegetables, and it is these polyphenol-rich botanicals, for example the lingonberry, chaga mushroom and sea buckthorn that contributes to our mental and physical vitality.

In the botanical world, polyphenols (a type of phytonutrient), is a compound that the plant uses to protect itself from environmental harm. Polyphenols are substances that when consumed, the body processes them separately from the other nutrients. Polyphenols cause a systemic reaction within us which prompts our cells to produce highly-efficient antioxidant molecules (alongside other protective molecules) to process what the body sees as a contaminant. It is this antioxidant process that provides us with so many health benefitting results. This is why, when it comes to nutritional health, polyphenols play such an important role in our physiological maintenance and wellbeing.

Hormesis and food supplementation


It should now be well understood that plants contain a wide range of botanical phytonutrients, hundreds in fact, that through hormesis are able to stimulate the body into making it function more efficiently. Simply put, this is why NORDIQ Nutrition® food supplements contain such an abundance of nutritious botanicals, that when combined provide us with such a multitude of health benefits.

When it comes to the design of formulations, numerous considerations are made at every level. Our nutritional experts research and scrutinise every natural component, analysing how each ingredient, when blended with others will work synergistically as one; enhancing the overall effect of the product.

This why our ‘Nordiq Hormetic Blends are specifically tailored to each product. We pinpoint an opportunity and assign a unique combination of phytonutrient-dense botanicals to support a health solution. We believe it is the complexity of our tailoring that makes our organic and fresh freeze-dried botanical blends so effective.

In a nutshell, NORDIQ Nutrition® Food supplements work by delivering a minor stress response, triggering our mitochondria (mini furnaces in our cells) into generating more energy, while simultaneously activating other positive system responses, such as immunity, to ultimately boost our overall vitality and wellbeing.

NORDIQ Nutrition® – laying healthy foundations at cellular level.

Fresh freeze-dried


We believe that fresh freeze-drying is the most effective way of preserving botanicals, thus maintaining their delicate chemical composition, synergy, and balance. At NORDIQ Nutrition®, we preferentially select fresh freeze-dried ingredients for their high nutritional density, resulting in formulations of the utmost purity and efficacy…

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Natural organic


Where possible, we select organic botanicals and whole foods for their bioactive health benefits. At NORDIQ Nutrition® we understand that organic varieties provide significantly higher levels of vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus when compared to non-organic types of the same foods…

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Our team


At NORDIQ Nutrition® we have dedicated teams of likeminded individuals devoted to producing 100% effective food supplements for life and living. Our formulators call upon the latest scientific research, as well as years of botanical knowledge to create our award-winning lifestyle support products. Created in 2017, NORDIQ Nutrition® has offices across the Nordics and now the UK…

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