It is thought that chronic long-term stress is associated with a weaker immune system. Increased stress levels, a sedentary lifestyle, and a nutrient-deficient diet, all have the potential to deplete our vitality and increase the risk of infections. Research has revealed that our immune system, in particular, directly benefits from time spent in the great outdoors, and the more we do it, the greater the effect it has on our overall health. Although this link between health and nature is not a new one, it is now understood, different types of terrain provide us with a unique set of health benefits, hence the rising popularity of ‘forest bathing’. Originating from Japan, ‘shinrin yoku’, i.e. ‘forest bathing’, is a relaxation concept that prompts us to switch off our devices and immerse ourselves in the quiet and calmness of the forest. For the full sensory experience, long, deep breaths are encouraged, as they help the body to unwind while it soaks up the natural surroundings. Studies have revealed a positive association between the forest and mental health, whereby a walk in the woods is a very effective way of lowering our stress levels.

Our brand homeland, Finland, has the highest percentage of forest cover of any country in Europe, so for the Finns, forest bathing is not a concept but a part of everyday life. As well as the geography, cultural identity and cuisine, the forest may well be also responsible for the Finns being adjudged the happiest nation in Europe. At NORDIQ Nutrition®, we believe that to fully prime our defences, healthy outdoor lifestyles should be complemented by an intake of nutrient-dense, organic, whole foods and botanicals. In formulating the NORDIQ Nutrition® Immune Complex, we have encapsulated the wilderness by sourcing a rich combination of berries, leaves, fruits, roots, and the birch-loving chaga mushroom. Organic and sustainably sourced, this bountiful selection of 100% natural ingredients provides an abundance of essential nutrients, phytonutrients and gut-friendly fibre.

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Alex Kirchin MSc Performance Nutritionist

Reference: Li Q et al. Effect of phytoncide from trees on human natural killer cell function.
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