Protein supplements are the most common food supplements to support workouts. Amino acids found in proteins build the muscle tissue and participate in maintaining a normal hormone function. However, a lot of micro nutrients are also consumed by the body during exercise, and they are not available in standard protein powders.

Therefore, we developed a more comprehensive range of sports food supplement: the NORDIQ Nutrition Nutri-Sport powders. They are developed to support not only your body but also your mind. What is more, they are completely free from additives and fillers. No sugar, artificial sweeteners or flavors have been added and all powders are also vegan. Here are some answers to the most asked questions we get on our Nutri-Sport powders.

Q: What makes the Nutri-Sport powders so special?

A: We think about sports nutrition in a new way: it is about much more than just calculating the amounts of protein, fats and carbs. To be able to perform optimally and properly recover from exercise, our body also needs antioxidants and nutrients from plants. For example, green tea gently stimulates the body and the adaptogenic botanicals balance the stress reaction and inflammatory effects caused by exercise. In addition, our products support the mind, boosting the motivation and mental endurance. With this in mind, we have selected adaptogens such as rhodiola and maca.

Q: Who should take Nutri-Sport powders?

A: Anyone who want to increase their daily intake of plant nutrients and, at the same time, enhance the performance and improve the endurance. Our products are vegan and free of additives, fillers and sugar, which means they are perfect if you want to use clean food supplements and sports nutrients. No common allergens such as wheat, soy, yeast or milk particles are found in our products. The powders are equally suitable if you are doing basic exercise or more vigorous workouts or endurance training.

Q: Why do the Nutri-Sport powders contain so many different botanicals? Is a protein powder not enough?

A: According to the latest research, the body needs more than protein to perform and recover. Different plant nutrients such as polyphenols, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals provide support to the nervous system. Our Pre-Workout and Post-Workout powders for example contain an abundance of various organic greens, berries and adaptogens in addition to plant proteins. Consequently, they are great at fixing deficiencies and other nutritional needs caused by workouts.

This is in fact a new way of thinking about sports nutrition. Using our extensive knowledge on botanicals and herbal medicine, we have carefully selected clean botanical ingredients, making sure that each component provides the best possible result. Our bodies respond differently and there are different sports and ways to exercise. However, you will notice the effectiveness of our powders as improved endurance, faster recovery, balanced blood sugar and increased motivation.

Q: Can’t I just make a versatile green smoothie with protein powder?

A: Yes of course, if you have the time and know how to choose the right ingredients! However, our Nutri-Sport powders are great if you want to make sure you get the right amount of plant nutrients, polyphenols, antioxidants and adaptogens – easily and without any fuss. It’s especially useful if you are on a busy schedule and you have no time or interest in making your own smoothie. Simply put, the Nutri-Sport powders are an excellent addition to your daily diet!

Q: Pre-Workout and Post-Workout powders contain 2,2-6,6 grams of protein per serving (5-15 grams of powder). Is that enough to support my workout or recovery?

A: This depends on the intensity and duration of your workout. If you do light exercise such as jogging or yoga and follow a healthy and varied diet, you will likely get enough additional protein from 1-3 teaspoons. If your workout is more intense, you may want to enhance a regular protein powder by mixing 1-3 teaspoons of Pre-Workout, Post-Workout or Endurance powder to it. The need of plant nutrients and antioxidants is increased with more demanding exercise. It’s however important to remember that excessive intake of protein can put a strain on your body.

Q: Can I use Nutri-Sport products even if I don’t exercise or if I exercise just a little?

A: Absolutely! All kind of exercise is good for you, no matter how little. Even a short walk to work is beneficial. Our products have been developed comprehensively to support well-being and endurance. Here are some recommendations:

  • Use Endurance Powder to face a demanding and long working day, especially if your work is physically demanding.
  • Pre-Workout Powder stimulates your metabolism in the morning.
  • Use Post-Workout Powder to recover from a busy day by adding it to your evening smoothie or yogurt.
  • Use the multi-function Hydration Powder on hot summer days to hydrate and replenish electrolytes, as a sauna drink or to serve at parties as a fresh and nutritious mocktail.
  • Magnesium is a mineral that support the muscles and nervous system. Our Magnesium Powder provides magnesium as malate, which means it’s friendly to your belly. The added botanicals helps the magnesium absorb better. In addition, you can use it to relax in the evening before bedtime.

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