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"Fusing science, purity, and nature’s potent complexity to deliver highly advanced, premium formulations that support an active, modern lifestyle"

Alex Kirchin MSc Performance Nutritionist

The food supplement with a difference

Inspired by the terrain and wild flora of our northern homelands, NORDIQ Nutrition® is your natural answer to lifestyle support supplements.

As part of our formulation blueprint we offer organic, fresh freeze-dried, as well as indigenous Nordic ingredients, creating an advanced range of high quality, biologically active supplements to promote perpetual health. We believe that the indigenous plants that thrive in our beautiful, but sometimes harsh environment, do so because of their rich variety of protective phytonutrients. Prime examples of these botanicals include chaga, the highly revered adaptogenic super mushroom, and lingonberry, much prized for its nutrient-rich profile and health-giving properties.

At NORDIQ Nutrition® our formulations are underpinned by our inherent quest for vitality through purity.

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Nature's potency harnessed by science

Based on the principles of complexity, synergy, and hormesis, our formulations are at the forefront of nutritional health.

All of our products contain 100% active ingredients that have been synergistically formulated to optimise results. By embracing fresh freeze-dried botanicals and whole foods we are able to harness nature’s full potency, offering nutrient-dense formulations that promote health and vitality down to cellular level.

Free from fillers, binders, artificial colours, and sweeteners, NORDIQ Nutrition® is the premium choice in wellness support.

NORDIQ Nutrition® – formulated by nutritionists for life and living.

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Key features

Natural organic

Preferential selection of organic botanicals and whole foods.

Fresh freeze-dried

A process that preserves the nutritional profile of the fresh plant.


Nutritional science-led philosophy, stimulating immune response for optimised health and vitality.


Ingredients working in synergy to optimise their combined beneficial effect.


Plant-based formulations suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Indigenous botanicals

Preferential selection of ingredients, typical of the Nordic region.

Lifestyle formulations


NORDIQ Nutrition® lifestyle supplements provide you with the perfect daily support, helping you to live your life to the full. Promoting physical and mental vitality, our products are specially formulated to optimise systemic health and wellbeing. Our vegan-based capsule range combines nutrient-dense botanicals and whole foods with the highest quality bioactive vitamins and minerals. As we do not use additives or fillers, NORDIQ Nutrition® formulations give you 100% nutrition.

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